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Are you ready to get in the UROlympics ring?

Imagine a boxing ring with 2 working stations for the ultimate endoscopic test, fearless contestants from over 130 countries and a clock ruthlessly ticking away. That will be setting of the first UROlympics, which will take place at EAU18 in Copenhagen. Punch, jab and knock out your opponents from all over the world with your endoscopic skills!

How to join
Qualifying rounds start on Saturday, 17 March at 9:30hrs. First, pick up your qualifying ticket at the Cook Medical Booth (please note that your ticket is non-transferable). Then head to the Educational Square, which is located in front of the Hands-on Training session in the yellow area. There you will have one chance to set your best time for the endoscopic test.

Throughout the day, the fastest time per country will be published around the arena, at the Cook Medical booth, and via social media. At the end of the day, the best qualifiers of 16 different countries will go to the finale. The drawing of the names of countries to compete the next day will take place at the Cook Medical booth.

The finale
Starting at 12:00hrs on Sunday, 18 March, the finalists will battle against each other on the two stations. The one who finishes the test first will go directly to the quarter finals. Then the winners of the quarter finals will continue to the semi-finals, which will start around 16:00hrs.

The UROlympics winners will be honoured during the medal ceremony at the Cook Medical booth. Aside from the coveted UROlympics titles, medals and bragging rights, the winners will receive one of the following educational funds which can be used for EAU events (e.g. travel, accommodation and registration):

  • 1st prize: €250 educational funds and noise cancelling headphones
  • 2nd prize: €250 educational funds
  • 3rd prize: €150 educational funds

Glove up, take a swing and get ready for the first UROlympics!