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Putting Office Urology up front

The new EAU Section of Urologists in Office (ESUO) will focus on prostate biopsy issues in Copenhagen during its ’first’ annual meeting, following its official launching last year in London. The topic is of prime concern to office urologists with recent and still evolving changes in prostate cancer detection such as new imaging techniques.

“We have headlined our Copenhagen meeting as All about prostate biopsy in office as this reflects an important method in urologic office done in all countries,” said ESUO Chairman Prof. Dr. Helmut Haas (DE).

Haas said the session will be moderated by office urologists, with expert lectures by Profs. Maurice Stephan Michel (DE) and Jochen Walz (FR), and Drs. Stefan Czarniecki (PL), Stefan Haensel (NL), and Robert Schneider (CH). Michel will discuss indications for biopsy, patient’s preparation and biopsy procedures. Walz, meanwhile, will examine TRUS- and MRI-guided biopsies, going through patient selection, benefits, drawbacks and future prospects.

Management of biopsy complications will be taken up by Haensel, while Czarneicki will explore the role of biomarkers in prostate cancer treatment. Schneider will look into pioneering experiences and lessons from a fusion biopsy network in Switzerland.

“We aim to have an interactive session as much as possible, stimulating the audience to provide critical views and feedback back to the panel of speakers,” said Haas. Aside from Haas, chairing the session are three ESUO members including Dr. Horst Brenneis (DE), Dr. Stefan Haensel (NL) and Dr. Robert Schneider (CH) who will provide preliminary remarks and lead the case discussions.

Special itinerary
In Copenhagen, the section has created an Office Urologists Itinerary that will track and identify various meetings or sessions during the five-day EAU18 congress that will be relevant or of interest to office urologists.

“Our section has created an itinerary for the upcoming congress in Copenhagen which flags the congress’ sessions according to their importance for office urologists. This will help our members or other office urologists to easily identify which sessions can add as a priority to their congress agenda,” he said.

Offering its expertise
He also mentioned that aside from collaboration with other offices, the ESUO is also ready to offer its own expertise. “Our section offers collaboration, especially based on the fact that most of the new developments in diagnostics and non-surgical therapy have to be transferred to outpatients under outpatient conditions. This means either in outpatient departments or in urologic offices. Office urologists know best the medical and patient-related considerations and administrative rules under which this can be done successfully,” Haas explained.

Haas said that as a new office under the auspices of the EAU, the section is taking all efforts for it to achieve its aims. “Aside from promoting the ESUO to other EAU section offices and affiliates, we have conducted several surveys not only to find out the basic issues that concern office urologists but also to expand our contacts. We appreciate every little effort from our partners, both current and potential, that will help us expand the network of office urology,” Haas said.

Stay updated
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