ESU Hands-on Training in Non-technical Skills in Surgery

Aims and objectives:
This course aims to introduce the concept of non-technical skills and provide an interactive “hands-on” environment to practicing urologists and residents-in-training, in the hope of improving and raising self-awareness for everyday operating room practice

Course description:
The operating room is a complex and highly stressful environment that requires interaction between a large team to achieve successful outcomes for the patients. This requires not only effective procedure-specific technical skills, but also additionally a range of non-technical skills. Non-technical skills are defined as skills unrelated to the technical completion of surgical procedures. They include decision-making, team-working, communication and leadership skills.

This course will serve to introduce practicing urologists to the concept of non-technical skills using an interactive full immersion simulation environment, developed at Imperial College London, whilst undertaking common scenarios in endoscopic urological surgery. Participants will be evaluated by experts in surgical education and provided individual feedback with view for further self-improvement.

Target audience:
All urological surgeons and residents in training