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EAU18: Submitting an Abstract? Practical Do’s & Don’ts

The Annual EAU Congress annually attracts more than 4,400 abstract submissions from urologists and other medical professionals around the world. Competition is tough and only a small fraction (28%) is selected.

Here are some handy and practical tips on how your abstract can get the attention it deserves:

  • Deliver a clean, precisely worded text free from grammatical and spelling errors. Avoid vague descriptions. Reviewers are less impressed when language is cluttered with unnecessary details;
  • Only use themost relevant illustrations and images in high resolution. There’s nothing more irritating than fuzzy photos and poorly executed graphics;
  • Carefully phrase your concluding statements and emphasise the significance of your study. Concise statements make an impact;
  • Adopt a neutral tone and avoid writing in argumentative terms which may convey the wrong impression;
  • Thoroughly re-check the facts and proof-read several times;
  • Ask a colleague or mentor for a final review or second reading. Small errors in factual detail may escape your attention; and
  • Submit well ahead of the deadline! Don’t wait for the last hour.

These are only a few suggestions. There are many other handy tips (check out the Abstract submission rules and regulations). The main thing is to deliver original and innovative work, with quality research methodology and data that present the results in precise language.

Submit your abstract here.

Watch this video to hear tips from the abstract reviewers themselves:


Good luck to all participants!